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Travel from your home country to Brazil to experience the healing and energy at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Adriana and Nathan will meet you en route for a journey of a life time.

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Connecting people
to the 'Miracle man' - John of God

John of God Guide


Visit John of God

Travel with experienced and caring guides to see one of the most successful spiritual healers of modern times. Essential for first-time travellers to 'The Casa' and highly recommended for those returning, travelling with a Casa Guide minimises the stress of travel and protocols maximising your time and energy for the spiritual work.

Casa Guides

Adriana Viglione

Nathan Casa Guide



Adriana recovered from cancer during a visit to John of God in 2003 when he announced that she was 'now free of the spider' - a term he uses to refer to cancer. An established Casa Guide and medium for more than 10 years, Adriana is the perfect team leader for your spiritual journey to Joao de Deus. Fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese, Adriana has an indepth knowledge of the spiritual work at the Casa. 
Inspired to search for hope in a dear friends fight against cancer, Nathan developed his intuition and in the process, discovered the healing work of Joao de Deus. Having come full-circle, Nathan fulfilled a vision and recounts numerous deja vu experiences on his travels to the Casa – a place he found peace. 

Although Adriana and Nathan have been adversely affected by cancer, it was the stimulus that inspired them to search for their purpose in the world and to connect with source energy.

Official Casa Guides since 2001, Nathan & Adriana are the perfect team leaders to make your spiritual journey a reality. 

Travel to John of God - Brazil

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