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Adriana and Nathan "Daughter, you are now free (from cancer)"
                                                                                                            - Dr Augusto de Almeida, 2003

....Adriana and Nathan


I sincerely hope that in sharing a little part of my story of survival, I may put into words the incredible feeling of love and peace I feel when connecting to my angels.
.In May 1997 during a routine gynaecological exam, I was told I had cancer.
The way in how I was treated was abrupt and impersonal; not only was I diagnosed with cancer, but it was implied that it was my own doing. I remember driving to a friend’s work near home, and telling her and crying. How I got home, I don’t know. The following Monday I was given a referral to a Gynaecological Oncologist. My Oncologist whose initials are J.C was a kind and compassionate man. He explained what was going to happen.
I had surgery the following week and it was during this operation that I had my first spiritual experience. While I was being operated on, I saw a big man with a beard; he touched my hand and said “Don’t worry everything will be alright”.

I put it out of my mind for a few days; the only thing I knew was that I felt extremely happy. A friend came to see me and said, “You are glowing, you look like you are full of love”. I told one of the nurses about my experience, but she said it was probably my imagination, or the anaesthesia. But I knew it had been GOD who had sent me a message.
I got out of hospital and stayed in bed for almost 2 months.During this time, our electricity and gas were cut off, I was in bed recovering from surgery, all our spare money was going into the mortgage and my vitamin supplements, and our children were still in school. We didn’t have much left for anything else. We had a lot of friends before my illness. It was a very trying time for us; I was trying to recover from surgery and my emotions were all over the place. I missed my friends.
One night I had a vivid dream that Rosina had come and taken my hand, and showed me I had a little lump. Rosina was a 12 year old daughter of a close friend - who had died in a car accident 11 years earlier.
When I awoke, I found a lump.
 The cancer had returned, this time in the lymph nodes of my groin. My treatment was day surgery followed by six weeks of radiation therapy. Somebody up there was saying “Wake-up, Wake-up!”, this time I decided to listen.

On 25th of March, 2001 I went to Brazil to see John of God.
 I had a spiritual intervention, and during current (meditation) I was surprised to see Mother Mary in the room; I asked her what she was doing here. She embraced me and said she loved me! Then I heard “God is happy that you have returned”.
.I returned to Brazil two more times before being told I was free of cancer, and would be working as a medium. 

There were many changes in my life on the road to recovery; I learnt to overcome fear, reduce unnecessary stress, and be grateful for all the good in my life.
I have taken many groups of Australians and New Zealanders to Brazil,
 and it was on one of these trips that I met Nathan. This Earth Angel came into my life, in the perfect time and in the perfect place. We both knew what it was like to stare death in the face, put complete faith into a higher power and surrender. We were later married in Brazil, and now work together in Australia and New Zealand.
We have taken the journey many times and know that I, God and my Angels now walk side by side.

Submitted 11th February, 2010                                                                                                                [TOP]

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Adriana - John of God Sydney Event